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My husband and I recently welcomed our first child - a happy and healthy baby boy.  When we first found out that we were expecting, we were elated that we were going to be parents. In addition to the excitement, I also had many fears and anxiety for delivery - will I be able to do this (AHHH the pain!)? Will my birth plan that I methodically and painstakingly created be followed out by the hospital staff? Will my husband know what to do and what not to do to help me? Will I even know what I want or need in the moment? I felt there was so much I didn’t know. Kristen was one of the most influential parts of our successful labor and delivery experience.


As cliche as it sounds, Kristen honestly knew my needs before I had them. She anticipated every change in my laboring process and had multiple options available to comfort me. Pain management was the top of my concerns. She located the needed supplies on the L&D floor (bless the peanut ball Gods!), modeled how to provide hip compressions for my husband to do during contractions, guided me in various positions to ease the contraction pain, and had many tools in her “bag of tricks” that were so helpful. Her caring demeanor and presence was the support I didn’t know my husband and I needed but now can’t imagine going through the process without. She was my voice and advocate during my long induction when my husband wasn’t aware of how to best help. My husband shares his gratitude to have the paternal mentoring that she gracefully provided while remaining in the background of our experience, sharing when appropriate and capturing our day with many priceless photos as a new family of three. Without a second thought, she will be there for any future children we are blessed to have!                            -   L. Gatts

I wish I could have had Kristen with me for my first two children. I've had all cesarean and I was terrified of that needle going in my back. Kristen alerted the staff of my fear and I had 4 nurses and Kristen there holding me up and helping me get through it. Any questions throughout my pregnancy and delivery she was there to answer it all. The love and support I got from her for me and my family is unmatched. Due to covid I had to wait for an epidural and my son was early so i went into labor. She showed me some different techniques to get through the pain of labor. She was at the hospital for me before my own doctor was. She still sees my son as part of another program. Before I call his doctor I contact her with questions that's how much I trust her. Shes helped me find pro

grams if need be for assistance. Kristen does it all. I've never had so much support from one person and I am so grateful for it. Shes made starting over again so much easier. If your going to have natural labor and delivery I would definitely contact her. She comes prepared for every and any situation and best of all she loves babies and does her job out of the joy of her heart. My son smiles everytime he sees her. 

                                  -  A.Nicholson

-She was extremely helpful with pain management techniques during labor. The massage tricks she taught me really helped me feel comfortable. She explained how to use the equipment provided to help with dilation and labor. She was also an amazing advocate for my birth plan and helped insured I was not pressured to make a decision I’m am not comfortable with.

- M. Desilet

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